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The spirit of Armagnac

The Musketeers of modern times

For several decades, the Company of Musketeers of Armagnac – a very select club without being a brotherhood – perpetuates with rigour, solemnity and conviviality the famous motto « All for one and one for all »  and promotes an art of living that ensues and that is firmly attached to the eau-de-vie that carries its name.

Remember: d’Artagnan

Charles de Batz Castelmore, Count d’Artagnan, the pride of the Gersois people that Alexandre Dumas immortalised in his masterpiece, The Three MusketeersPanache, audacity, honour are all attributes that have shaped the legend of this valiant servant of the King.

Perpetuating : values

These qualities, engraved in the memories of the Armagnac people, have chiselled a regional identity over the centuries that is as strong as it is sophisticated, a melting pot of vibrant and noble values. “In our lives we need fantasy, audacity, success, panache, sensitivity, love and good food!”  Important values in the eyes of Musketeer d’Artagnan’s admirers, champions of the singular identity of Armagnac, who sing it like a chorus with the help of several words: « we want to participate in our time without surrender.»

Promote : squadrons

The values of the Company of Musketeers of Armagnac is a passport to travel in time.  In a transient world where all disappears as soon as it has arrived, the spirit of d’Artagnan embodies an enduring ideal that countless men and women aspire to. More than an ideal, the Musketeer has a duty and finds, in that, a way to exercise his freedom.

So the barriers of time do not hinder the timeless impulse of these proud and valiant servants of the cause of Armagnac.

Nor the geographical borders, even the most unlikely that seem to open up to the surge of « squadrons » deployed by the Company, from the Gers to the most remote areas in order to extend its influence around the world.

Getting organised: the Commanding headquarters

The modern history of the Company started in 1951, when General Baston revived it to honour this deeply cherished tradition.  It revolves around the heart of prestigious command: Commanding Headquarters.  General Baston became the first captain, solidly shouldered by the rest of his close guard – today there are thirty in the Commanding Headquarters – made up of Lieutenant Captains and Lieutenants. In order to promote such great and strong values, it is necessary to work as a well oiled machine where a practically military discipline furls the sails of a conquest without limits.   

Share : the chapters

The result ?

No matter where, no matter the origin, no matter the profession: A passionate community has formed around strong values that come together each year for a dinner, called a Chapter, or « Grand Chapter » for the international event that takes place every year in the humble city of Condom at the beginning of September where several new Musketeers are inducted.  An opportunity to meet other Armagnac enthusiasts, fly the flag of the Musketeers and enjoy the typical way of life during a convivial dinner.  Among the invited members – places are expensive and the selection is strict, there’s no compromise with the Musketeers – there are familiar faces as prestigious as they are famous.  From Leonardo DiCaprio to Prince Albert of Monaco or John Malkovitch and the King of Sweden, Armagnac benefits from the support of many whose voices carry and shine on an international scale.  In short, beautiful people.  What could be more obvious for such a beautiful region?

Everyone knows the famous Musketeers motto off my heart: « One for all, and all for one ».  In the Company of Musketeers, everyone’s voice is one voice.  That of d’Artagnan, that has lasted through the ages and still resonates in the most chic bars in Singapore, the most elegant parties in London and the most auspicious dinner in Condom.