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The words used in Armagnac

Craft [ˈ'krɑ:ft]

In the world of spirits, ‘craft’ is not just an English term; it is a frame of mind.  Translation of the term « artisanal » or « craft » refers to a trend towards authenticity and transparency, or a return to the source and a truly local sense of belonging are more and more pertinent today. The impetus was initiated by American beer enthusiasts in the 1940s. Whilst prohibition paralysed most of the breweries, certain beer geeks established breweries in their garages in order to make their own beer, to the point of making it their profession. The following success was so great that the ‘craft’ trend spread to the distilleries and the world of spirits, far beyond the American frontiers.

Summed up in a sentence, craft describes a manual work, carried out by passionate and independent individuals from local and natural raw materials. What craft evokes is actually what is commonplace in Armagnac.  Even though the United States has historically been considered as the pioneer of this revolution, craft has always been embedded deep in the soul of the Gascon nectar.  It is also the secret of its charm.

Every bottle of Armagnac reveals its character and the creativity of those that made it.  According to a work that is as artisanal as it is artistic, the men and women dedicate themselves passionately to the task. This is why Armagnac is precious and distinguishes itself in the eyes of the consumer currently inundated in an ocean of spirits.  The taster knows how to remember the tears of the sap as it glistens on the sides of the glass, to smell the wood that is fashioned by the hand of the cooper whilst that of the distiller caresses the copper of the alambic; to see the winemaker toiling in his vines and to imagine the watchful eye of the cellar master over his barrels.  Made by hand and by house, Armagnac is reassuring because it is born from the passion of craftsmen, who year after year, bottle after bottle, make it with unparalleled authenticity and sincere commitment.

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