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Focus: Foie gras and Hors d'Age

To impress your epicurean guests, offer them a little foie gras entier mi-cuit (PGI from the southwest or even better, from the Gers !) on toast or traditional baguette. 

After having the first tastes, take a little Hors d’Age Armagnac (minimum 10 years, see here) in the mouth.  The flavours will melt, carried by the texture of the foie gras.  A fusion will take place between the pieces of foie gras and the aromas of prunes, orange peel and the spicy notes from the Armagnac that is neither too young nor too old. 

You can also test it the other way around: firstly the Armagnac, then the foie gras.  The cherry on the cake (or as we say here, the "prune on the croustade"!) is to serve an armagnac alongside a dish of stewed prunes.