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A tasting

The art of marrying crystal and silverware

Though Armagnac delights the palates of after dinner digestive fans, it also knows how to tantalise the tastebuds of gourmets looking for surprising Armagnac and food pairings.

Often used to flambé local culinary specialities and to enhance the preparation of the most famous patisserie in the region, the Pastis Gascon, also known as the Croustade, Armagnac can also be enjoyed throughout a whole meal.

Faced with the richness of the Gascon gastronomy and considering that combining foods with spirits from the same terroir is sure to please, Armagnac highlights the products of the region and comes to the table in many guises from the starter to the dessert, promising great taste discoveries.

As an aperitif, with some tasty morsels using Pyrenean sheeps cheese, dried duck breast and Lectoure melon or fine slices of Noir de Bigorre ham, all marry perfectly with Armagnac.

As a starter, Armagnac highlights the flavours of pan-fried foie gras de Gascogne as much as it does a light puff pastry with asparagus and morels

When Armagnac is used to accompany a main dish and in order to not mask any aromas, it is meats with a pronouced taste like duck and goose that should be preferred. A duck breast with a crust of Périgord walnuts or goose confit with a few ceps is an amazing combination.

Game is also a chosen dish to accompany a tasting.  In October, the palombes (a large wood pigeon) arrive in Gascony on their migratory journey towards Spain.  The practice of hunting them in a palombière is very widespread and makes way for many great feasts.  The most famous recipe is the salmis de palombes which consists of a palombe stew cooked over the embers in the traditional way.

Thanks to its diversity of perfumes, Armagnac is a perfect partner for savoury and sweet dishes.  As a dessert, it will enhance a tarte tatin or an apple and fig crumble from the region.

If using Armagnac to accompany a main dish, the preferred choice would be an old vintage with notes of spice and candied fruits, whereas for a starter and dessert it would be better to serve a young Armagnac giving floral and fruity notes.

Blanche Armagnac also allows for many delicate combinations for fans of the refined and floral nuances of this ‘eau-de-vie des muses’. We even dare to bring together the lightness of a carpaccio or sturgeon caviar with a glass of ice cold Blanche and for blue cheese lovers, Roquefort is an ideal companion!    

Although Armagnac with its great richness is sufficient in itself, it goes so well with the Gascon gastronomy: Surprising and captivating combinations that promise to quench the thirst of enthusiasts eager for new experiences!