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The vineyard

Eaux-de-vie in the plural

An Armagnac’s character evolves according to the nature of the soil and the choice of grape varieties.  The producer must manage this complex relationship between the selected plot of vines and the production dedicated to achieve the desired symbiosis.

There are no studies that have helped to identify a precise relationship between the soil and grape variety that develops.  However, it is certain that these two variables have an impact on the character of the wines and the eaux-de-vie.

The proximity of a forest has an influence on the final identity of the product.  We can observe unique affinities between a particular vine and a particular plot.  On the same property, different micro-terroirs can be identified.

Signatures of terroirs and men

It is the producer that has the delicate task of selecting the plots and attributing them a specific production purpose: wines destined to be distilled, wines for the production of Floc de Gascogne and wines reserved for Côtes de Gascogne.

If the exceptional aromatic palette of Armagnacs comes from the diversity of the soils, their temperament comes from the savoir-faire of those that make it.  It is above all the work of man that gives Armagnacs their particular and diverse character.  So interpreting these eaux-de-vie reveals the signatures of the terroirs and the men.